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Winter Seed Set

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Make vege gardening easy with a gorgeous Seasonal Seed Set, delivered to your door. Order now, and it will be delivered before you've finished lovingly preparing your soil. How simple. 

The Winter Edit release for this Seed Set includes:

  • Broccoli, Summer Green
  • Cabbage, Scarlet O'Hara
  • Chicory, Sugarloaf
  • Coriander, Slowbolt
  • Garlic, Organic
  • Rhubarb, Cherry Red
  • Sprouts, High Health Combo
  • Sweet Pea, White Mammoth


                We’ve handpicked this seasonal edit to grow over the next three month period. However, there are significant seasonal and climatic variations within the length and breadth of New Zealand. You will know your own conditions best. Refer to the Growing Guide on our website for seasonal, specific seed information and growing instructions.

                This seed set is designed to be planted in your own vegetable garden or planter; germination media can be purchased separately here if required.