What can I do with my packaging?

Most of our packaging is home-compostable, apart from the courier label and the seed packets. While we'd like everything to be home-compostable, we also need to preserve the integrity of the seeds. The seed packets can be reused as storage for seeds harvested from your own garden.

Is your growing media made from sustainable components?

Our kits contain sustainable growing media, and do not include peat which is essentially a non-renewable resource. Our pellets are made of coco fibre, which is sustainably grown and a by-product of the coconut industry.

Our seed raising mix is a blend of coco fibre, New Zealand bark fines and pumice, along with a few other goodies to feed your wee plants.

Our biodegradable pots are made of wood fibres, without the use of glue or binders. It makes them organic and super safe to pop straight into your garden.

My kids have coloured in the label on the kids box. It's a masterpiece, how do I share it?

Yay! Please share your masterpiece with us by tagging us in your photo on Insta or FB. We'd love to see it and share it with the world #kidscroppers @gibson_and_green

These seeds look and smell delicious, are the seeds edible?

No. These seeds are supplied to be planted and grow into new plants. These seeds are not for eating!

Some of my seed packets are labelled "Treated Seeds". What does this mean?

We aim to supply non-treated seeds. Sometimes our supplier provides seeds that have been dusted with a general purpose fungicide to preserve the life of the seed, and/or meet MPI seed importation rules. It is important that you handle these seeds with care, do not eat them, do not feed to animals, and wash hands after handling them.

Love your vibe but I don't live in New Zealand. Can I buy a Grow Kit or a Seed Selection?

Unfortunately, we only ship to New Zealand addresses at this stage. International biosecurity issues blow our mind.

Are your seeds organic?

We supply organic seeds where they are readily available.

My packaging was water damaged during shipping. What can I do?

We aim to provide home compostable packaging are far as practicable, sometimes the outer box may arrive with a little bit of water damage. If your products inside the box are damaged, please get in touch with us. We will meet our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

We have chosen to use a cardboard box as our product packaging and as the shipping box too, rather than a plastic or 'home compostable' pouch. We think the less packaging the better for the environment. We've personally never had much success with home-composting the 'green' shipping pouches.

We recommend providing a comment for your courier, in the Notes box on the Shopping Cart page, advising them of a safe place to leave your parcel. 

My purchase is a gift, how do I send the recipient a message?

Awwwwhhhh, someone lucky is going to get a lovely gift. Please add your gift message in the Notes box on the Shopping Cart page, and we'll write it on a wee gift card to include in the package.

I need some help with using my kit or planting my seeds...

Have a look at our Growing Guide page. This is where we provide support for growing based questions. And.. don't be disheartened, sometimes you've just gotta keep trying.